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Brittany Brown 

Licensed Esthetician & Nail Technician 

Eyelash Extension Cleanser & Cleansing Brush ($8.00)

(Brief description).

This cleanser will help to thoroughly clean eyelash extensions from dirt, debris, and natural oils. Also along with using the soft cleansing brush.

Lash Survival Kit ($14.00)

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This kit includes all of the essentials you will need to keep your lashes clean. Items are the lash cleansing foam wash, cleansing brush, and the makeup remover cleansing cloth.

 Makeup Remover 

Cleansing Cloth ($6.00)

(Brief Description).

This is a reusable, ultra soft, that erases makeup using warm water. It is also smear proof, and free of chemicals. Safe to wash in the washing machine. 

Eyelash Growth Serum ($55.00)

(Brief Description).

This product is safe to use while wearing eyelash extensions. It enhances the growth of natural lashes.

Eyelash Extension Mascara


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This product can be used on the days you need a lash fill-in. Mascara will fill in the areas where lash extensions are thin to give them a full look.